Sunday, April 20, 2014

Youtube channels by European, Asian, Middle Eastern, Australian and Canadian Airports

European Airports

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (8903 subscribers, 924 videos)

London Heathrow Airport (3644 subscribers, 121 videos)

Frankfurt Airport (1607 subscribers, 206 videos)

Operator of ORY and CDG

Munich Airport

Operator of Spanish Airports

Operator of Airports in Portugal

London Gatwick Airport

Rome Airport

London Stansted Airport

Zurich Airport

Asian Airports

Hong Kong Airport

Singapore Changi Airport

Operator of Airports in Malaysia including KLIA

Middle East

Dubai Airports DXB and DWC


Melbourne Airport


Vancouver Airport

Vancouver Airport

Source: Youtube

American Airport Youtube channels

London Heathrow's Third Runway Proposal

London Heathrow's proposal

Report cover

2 Runway Heathrow

Third Runway North West Option

Third Runway North West Option

Four Runway Options

Source: Heathrow website

New SFO Control Tower

The new SFO Control Tower is featured in 'Inside SFO' episode 1 video.

Click here for the 2 minute video.

New SFO Tower

View of the tower from the curbside

Inside SFO

Source: SFO YouTube channel

Saturday, April 19, 2014

5th Runway Control Tower (AMS) Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

In addition to the main Control at Schiphol Airport, there is an additional control tower near the new fifth runway.  (Tower West). This is because the runway is too far away from the main control tower.

It is 59m in height.  There are typically 2 controllers in the tower west and sometimes there is a third.  
Click here for the 2 minute video.

Tower West

View from tower

Control cabin

Inside the control cabin

Source: Schiphol Youtube channel

Amsterdam Schiphol Centralised Security screening

Video in Dutch

Ground breaking ceremony Video with English subtitles

First phase will be completed in 2016.

Source: Schiphol Airport youtube channel

Salt Lake City Airport (SLC) Terminal Redevelopment Program

SLC Terminal Redevelopment Program Phase 1

Source: SLC Airport website
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